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Propose a girl ....
« on: August 27, 2016, 11:06:45 PM »
Propose a girl ....

Very few events in anyone's lifetime require as much thought and preparation as marriage. People want their proposals to be the perfect point of culmination in their relationship.

Men and women both want this day to be a truly memorable moment in their lives. But it seems that there are no new ways to get married anymore because virtually everything has been done. Well, guess again.


Think about when and where you want to tell her. Is there a special place you want to be? A certain day? For example, you might want to tell her at the restaurant where you went on your first date, or on the two-month or nine-month anniversary of your first date.

Set the mood and be romantic. Buy her flowers or a romantic gift.

Look at her directly, take her hand and tell her how positive you feel about her. Give her examples of things you really like about her. Be sincere.

Tell her how you feel being with her, and how much you enjoy your time together. Be specific about what you value and appreciate about being with her.

Follow these positive statements with telling her you love her in whatever way feels best for you. For example: "I feel I've come to love you," "I realize I love you," "I feel so much love for you," "I've fallen in love with you," or simply, "I love you."

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